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July 24 2017

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That’s new. #nowherebridge (at Flying J Open Space)

July 23 2017

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This is apparently the only way I know how to make friends now? #sketchwallet #sketch #art #artaday #sketchaday

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The only way I know how to make friends apparently

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Spent the night drawing random people and making new friends!

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Out with friends, so obviously I’m drawing people. #barart (at Punch Bowl Social Denver)

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at Alderfer/Three Sisters Park

July 22 2017

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“Moana of Motunui, I believe you have officially delivered Maui across the great sea!”

July 21 2017

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Last day of camp pizza art! Since it’s fairy tale camp, I tried to do a fairy tale character. I should’ve stuck with the pizza theme. #denverwrites

#Repost @denverwrites
Final day pizza art! (at Pie Hole)

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Enchanted forest rain feat. Kevin Peterson Face. #kevinpetersonface (at Apex Trail)

July 20 2017

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I guess Mephista wanted a kid brother.

Daredevil #270
September 1989
John Romita Jr., Al Williamson,
and Ann Nocenti

Playing Marvel Super Heroes at arcades and always wondering who the heck this dude was

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found batman forever on my front lawn

there are some dvds in the ditch at the end of my front lawn

could these be the missing batman films?

no, it’s superman 3 and 4

theyre both superman 3 and 4

the plot thickens




i neglected to mention it in the original post, but the original dvd case i found only contained 1 dvd that included the films batman forever and batman and robin while the other 2 movies in the series batman and batman returns were missing

this morning i saw something in front of my neghbours house across the street from me

it was what looked like a dvd

again i thought

maybe its the missing batman films

or maybe its 3 dvds


its 3 more copies of batman forever/batman and robin



no idea what this movie even fucking is

blu-ray this time? fancy.

what are these supposed to be


well ive been meaning to see rogue one sometime

wonder if theyll still work




i should probably be dating each update to this but i guess the original reblogs have their dates included

perhaps i could analyze the data and find a pattern

for now i have 2 more superman quadrilogies

interestingly enough inside one of the superman movie cases was actually 3 dvds


there was another copy of superman ¾

if you recall in a previous update i had already found 3 discs of superman ¾

the count has gone up to 6 superman ¾ discs while only just today finding 2 superman ½ discs

who owns these dvds all in bulk

why are they being separated only to be disposed of in pairs or threes in front of my house

im sorry this has been such an obscenely long post but i have a feeling its only going to get longer from here on out

What the what?!

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New sketchbook. New chances to directly copy Glen Keane’s Rapunzel design.

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July 19 2017

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at Denver Museum of Nature & Science

July 18 2017

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The kids told me I should just marry Lucy because, “I’ll never find anyone cuter who loves me more.”

#thathappened #princesslucy

Listening to Mirror Love by The Family Crest

– Preview it on Path.

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July 17 2017

Listening to Spider-Man: Homecoming Suite by Michael Giacchino

– Preview it on Path.

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New sketchbook!

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