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July 07 2017

Listening to Little of Your Love by HAIM

– Preview it on Path.

July 05 2017

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Version 2 of @jryan_mtl aka my distance BFF aka the person who is always so wonderful and inspiring she gets the best art out of me. #distancebff #absolutefavourite

July 04 2017

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Two sides of @aquaamarina complete with donut and her sparkly shoes. #strongwomen #donuts #longhairdontcare #sketchaday2017 #artaday2017 #sparklyshoes #lbd

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First picture with all the Petersons in… 5 years! (at Mallard Lake County Forest Preserve)

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Warm-up sketches featuring my faves, @jryan_mtl, @danielleaten & @bookishbelle.

July 03 2017

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@kwandel22 and I were always adorable. Always.

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Grandparents, @kwandel22, and @awkwardribbon

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Illinois is so weird. (at Leaning Tower YMCA)

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at Dave’s Down To Earth Rock Shop

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at Evanston Beach

Reposted byhash hash
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at Evanston Beach

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at Evanston Beach

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The dream is real (at Buffalo Joe’s)

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Back home for real now. #evanston (at Evanston, Illinois)

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Catching up with @catsnaps1963, our first writing/acting teacher/friend/inspiration for why I do so many of the things I do (and also @awkwardribbon’s godmother)

And more reasons for crying, of course. (at Brothers K Coffeehouse)

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My new entourage (at Pinstripes)

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My new official cousin, Jackie, complimented my art so I had to draw her! #othersideofthefamilybestie (at Pinstripes)

July 02 2017

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Hashtag besties. #besties (at Pinstripes)

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We tried to recreate the picture from the other night. Also: I can’t stop crying.

#jksthesevenyearhitch (at Pinstripes)

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Making new friends and drawing rad outfits! #barart #artaday2017 #sketchaday2017 #sketchwallet (at Bangers & Lace)

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