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August 11 2017

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I did one of these.


Because I don’t have enough people yelling at me on the internet. Now they can do it anonymously.


Well. This seems to be working out?

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Well. This is a different direction than I expected these to take. Pleasantly nice and confidence building.

It’s nice to know, considering I spent much of the last few years of my life believing I was far too damaged to be liked by anyone.

Although, it still seems so.. are you sure? There’s many more less annoying and clingy people out there.

But thank you.

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Uhm, Absolutely! Just contact me and tell me what kind of art you’d like! I have pieces ready to go framed and everything right now too!

Otherwise the place I use for making prints and framing takes up to a month (although last time they got my order to Canada in less than a week!)

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Well (at Flying J Open Space)

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Oof. Well. I can take a guess as to who sent this and what it’s directed at. Unless you are just someone who genuinely cares about me and my happiness going forward, in which case, thanks.


I will say this — I spent over half a decade, most of which were the hardest years of my life, EVER, attached to a friendship that.. a lot of people didn’t understand, still don’t understand, didn’t like, didn’t want to like, didn’t want to understand, or whatever. And honestly I don’t care what anyone thinks, because it meant the world to me, and to her, and to us. And if nothing else, should be appreciated and respected because I am alive today because of it.

My life detoured because I suddenly had something to do that was more important than me. And when that ended and I finally recovered and I was ready to come back to reality, I realized that I no longer understood the world or things around, meaning I probably wasn’t done healing — and I still don’t fully understand, which means I’m probably still not done healing — and I relied heavily on my savior. Too much. To the point where I was blind to her pain. Selfishly. Intentional or not. That’s not fair to her. We needed to exist separately for a while. I needed to exist separately.

It’s an impossible to replicate the experience of our friendship and trying to recreate it with another person is selfish of me and unfair to anyone else.

Earlier this year life challenged me with a situation that hit way too close to bringing me back to the dark. And I knew I needed to deal with it on my own terms.

I knew I still hadn’t quite figured out who I was. Who I needed to be. What kind of a friend I am. What kind of a friend I need. I knew if I didn’t stop I would just keep tying to recreate what cannot be recreated.

What is now is not what was, and can never be again, for better or for worse. What is now is better and healthier and constructive and positive. But most importantly, realistic.

And what remains to remind of that magical time in my life buried in all of the sadness is a little dog who I met in a strange sad house, in a strange sad town, on a strange sad weekend. And that dog who jumped in my lap and looked at me and.. I just knew was somehow going to be important to me. And 4 years later — will always make me happy. Just by looking at her. Just by being around her. This wonderful magical silly little princess who is unable to walk in a straight line.


I’m incredibly happy with my friendships. I’m blessed amazing people who encompass my life. From every school. Every job from Casa Bonita to Denver Writes. My cousins and family. From real life to the people I met on the internet all over the world. I’m not unhappy with any friend or friendship in my life or no longer in my life. But I’m also not looking for something I don’t need to look for anymore. I hope that makes sense.

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…well.. I still blush all the time, if that’s what you’re asking.

Uhm. That video is still online, but it’s like eleven years old now.

August 10 2017

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Well. First of all, it’s not like she was a prisoner. So that’s weird forced phrasing to get a pun.

But.. it’s kinda weird. Ultimately, it’s inconsequential to my everyday life. Two attractive millionaires are allowed to do whatever makes them happy.

Personally I’ve always been a fan. I’ve had a super celebrity crush on Anna Faris since whatever scary movie I saw and Lost in translation. Cute and super funny is obviously something that I’m attracted too.

And I’ve loved Chris Pratt since the first season of parks and rec, where even when they were trying to make him the bad guy, he’s so charming and funny that you just love him.

Their coupling was frankly, adorable, and as someone who is funny and is not that in shape, seeing him with a the equally super funny and adorable Anna Faris, was a nice thing to say, oh, that’s possible?!

BUT then he got super in shape and is now funny, charming, and ridiculously handsome— and that’s just not fair. To quote Mister Winger, “I’ve seen parks and rec! Those abs can’t be real!”

Where was this going?! Uhm. As far as attractive celebrities who are superheroes who are in relationships with really funny women that don’t really impact my day to day life, it’s comparable to Captain America and Jenny Slate. I suppose?

I did one of these.

Because I don’t have enough people yelling at me on the internet. Now they can do it anonymously.


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Spooky. (at Galbraith Mountain)

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#coloradical (at Galbraith Mountain)

August 09 2017

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Here’s a nice mail surprise! Eyvind Earle was the genius Disney concept artist, who did the wonderful, “Toot, Whistle, Plunk, and Boom,” and most notably established the look of Sleeping Beauty, which is the best looking animated film (from design to background to character to clean up) ever. Ever! Absolutely gorgeous!

On my last trip to California, I actually got to hold an original background painting from the film (complete with cell overlay) and it was maybe the most incredible piece of actual art I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

#waltdisney #sleepingbeauty #eyvindearle #awakingbeauty #waltdisneyfamilymuseum

August 08 2017

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Grama: one with all the women in your life!

And then we tricked him into taking the other one. (at Chicago Style Beef and Dogs)





what language do they speak at the center of the earth




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Family time! (at BookBar)

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Character creation at Creative Writinb Club! #denverwrites (at BookBar)

August 07 2017

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Because no one demanded it, a week’s worth of Lucy and me trying to take pictures. #worthit #princesslucy #pomstagram

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Reposting my favorite drawing of my favorite @taylorswift outfit is probably more productive than my original plan of driving around with Lucy looking for her while leaving drawings all over Denver.

It’s not stalking if I have Lucy with me. #taylurking? #toofar? #timehop?

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