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July 16 2017

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at Mount Falcon Castle Trail

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Qualifying events with @sorchops! (at United States Olympic Training Center/Colorado Springs,CO)

July 15 2017

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Saturday sketchbook selections! Yoga poses for and of @krystalkamback! Face, hair, and glasses for @hellobrigit, @etakhannah, & @untexting!

#sketchbook #sketchbooksaturday #sketchbooksaturdayselections #yoga #yogaposes #longhairdontcare #eyes #hair #faces #glasses #sketchwallet

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Here is a close up of the bag and cup at D23 expo….wanted to share because of the details ahhhh

Ahhhhhhh I want these!

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a darkened auditorium with 264 silent people in the seats. on the stage, me, sitting on a stool, lit by a spotlight, the only light in the theatre. i hold up a photo of my cat, 10 people applaud, two or three hold up photocopies of the same photo, the rest do nothing, watching, waiting. 

I love this description of tumblr.

July 14 2017

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My last post will be solid advice from a @denverwrites writer. #denverwrites #adviceforwriters

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And that’s a wrap on summer camp week three for @denverwrites (at Metropolis Coffee)

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July 13 2017

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Time to go out and meet the day!

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Date night with my best girl. #princesslucy #pomsofinstagram #besties

July 10 2017

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Stolen from dad, flashback from Pigeon Lake, Wisconsin. (at Pigeon Lake)

July 09 2017

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at Pine Valley Ranch

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Reverse view. (at Pine Valley Ranch)

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at Pine Valley Ranch

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Kind of like LA Land, right? (at Pine Valley Ranch)

July 08 2017

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One of my favorite favorite favorite drawings ever of @aquaamarina in a very Disney/comic-ish style. It’s so good I feel like she should be the star of a comic I want to do or something. Hmmmmmmmmm….

#timehop #longhairdontcare #shorts #disneyart #favorite

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